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  • Medsatu Forex Inc. was incorporated in the year 2000 by Mohamed Bah. His decision to start this company was made primarily because of his burning desire to provide solutions to the hardships of Sierra Leoneans during the civil war. This initiative provided Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora a platform to send money and aids to their loved ones back home.
  • In 2015, the company embraced a global strategy through rebranding, recapitalization and shareholders dilution with adoption of a seasoned strategist, innovator and financial analyst Akin Akinsowon as co-owner and company’s Chief Executive Officer. The company’s name was changed from Medsatu Forex to First Apple.

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Leadremit gives its customers the ability to send money online through the internet using a 128-bit encrypted web browser. The Service is designed to transfer money to family, friends, acquaintances, and people that are well known to you. The Service enables individuals to transfer and accept money from many countries the world over.


A cash pickup allows your recipient to pick up their money on desired pickup point

Bank Deposit

Send bank deposit direct to your loved ones. It's easy, you can do it on your laptop or mobile.

Mobile Money

Send mobile money to mobile account directly.

Bill Payment / Airtime Topup

A simple and secure app for paying your bills and airtime Coming Soon

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